Efficient Customer Management


Our specialized CRM solutions, using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Service and Salesforce Service Cloud, are tailored to improve interactions and payment tracking, ultimately improving collection performance.

Key features include customer segmentation, automated communication, and payment tracking. Customer segmentation provides targeted messaging, optimizing engagement and payment rates. Automated communication simplifies payment reminders and confirmations, improving the overall customer experience. Payment tracking helps businesses manage their collections process from start to finish.

Increased Operational Efficiency



Increase collection efficiency with our specialised business apps. Automate document identification, customer communication, case processing, payment verification, and contract management for accuracy and streamlined operations, ultimately improving customer satisfaction and productivity.

Business Apps

Validation for B2B & B2C



In the field of collections, we specialize in data validation in both the B2B and B2C sectors. For B2B collections, we verify and maintain accurate trade data, while for B2C collections, we ensure accurate customer information and validate the accuracy of receivables. Our automated tools speed up these processes, increasing data reliability and collection efficiency for both sectors.


Security – On-Premises – Hybrid Setup



In the collection industry, we prioritize data security. Our solutions offer practical on-premises and hybrid setups, ensuring your sensitive information remains safeguarded against unauthorized access and cyber threats. With our expertise, you can confidently protect your data while optimizing collection processes.

Some of the automation for the Collection sector include:

Payment Processing Automation


Automate payment processing to minimize errors and delays. Send automated notifications to customers regarding upcoming payments, due dates, and payment confirmations, ensuring timely collections. Experience increased operational efficiency and cost savings by reducing manual intervention and enhancing accuracy in payment handling processes.

Data Processing Automation


Automate data processing to swiftly categorize customer behavior, enabling swift identification of optimal collection paths and minimizing time spent on manual data sorting, ultimately enhancing operational productivity. This automation improves the accuracy and efficiency of data analysis.

Document Processing Automation


Implement automation for document processing tasks such as reading and processing contracts, invoices, and receipts. Take advantage of document processing automation to streamline and accelerate critical document reviews, ensuring compliance, reducing processing time and mitigating the risks associated with manual handling, ultimately leading to a more efficient workflow.

Payment Plan Automation


Automate the creation and management of payment plans for debtors. Based on predefined criteria, the system can generate custom payment plans, calculate installment amounts, and set up automatic recurring payments. This simplifies the process for debtors and reduces the administrative burden on collection agents, ensuring an easier repayment process and higher collection rates.

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