CRM for Marketing

We help automotive companies effectively manage potential customers, implement email marketing campaigns for vehicle launches or service promotions, and segment customers based on preferences and purchase history. By leveraging the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing and Salesforce Marketing Cloud, we ensure that automotive companies can achieve greater efficiency and drive results in a rapidly evolving market.

CRM for Service

Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Service and Salesforce Service Cloud, we consolidate customer data, enabling efficient appointment scheduling, proactive service reminders, and rapid integration with specialized tools such as service management systems. This precision ensures that automotive service providers can deliver top-notch experiences, boosting customer satisfaction and retention.

CRM for Sales

In the automotive sector, we harness the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and Salesforce Sales Cloud to provide a customized CRM for Sales solution. This empowers automotive companies with real-time customer data access, streamlined sales processes, and performance analytics tailored to their industry needs. Drive sales, enhance customer experiences, and stay competitive with our specialized CRM solutions for automotive sales teams.

Industry Accelerator

Industry Accelerator, based on Microsoft Dynamics 365, offers a customized solution for the automotive industry. From online appointment scheduling to work order management and customer data management, our platform increases customer satisfaction, optimizes operations, and supports data-driven decision making. Real-time reporting and DMS integration ensure a seamless customer experience while providing invaluable insights for continuous business improvements.

Bussiness Apps

Portals for B2C

In the automotive industry, our B2C sales portals serve as a single platform for managing customer interactions, sales processing, and satisfaction monitoring. These portals are tailored to the unique needs of the industry, providing real-time updates and automation of key processes. They enable automotive companies to deliver exceptional customer experiences and boost sales by personalizing interactions and centralizing sales data.

Fleet Management

Our industry-specific fleet management solutions offer real-time vehicle tracking, detailed data, and task automation for streamlined operations in the automotive sector. We specialize in ensuring compliance with regulations, improving internal communication, and helping clients make informed decisions while managing their fleets efficiently.

Some of the automation for the Automotive sector include:

Supply Chain Management

Our solution provides real-time tracking and analysis of automotive supply chain operations, seamlessly integrating with key supply chain processes including transportation, inventory management and supplier management. By providing instant data and analytics, it enables companies to improve inventory control, minimize lead times and boost overall operational efficiency, ultimately leading to reduced costs and increased market competitiveness.

Quality Control Automation

Our automated quality control system uses computer vision and machine learning to inspect automotive parts, capturing images and identifying defects such as cracks or deformations. By automating this process, faster and more accurate inspections are ensured, reducing the risk of product recalls, improving customer satisfaction and increasing profitability for automotive companies.

Production Line Optimization

Our solution uses machine learning algorithms to analyze production data, optimizing automotive production by integrating with various systems, including quality control, inventory management and machine maintenance, leading to reduced downtime and increased efficiency.

Predictive maintenance

Our solution utilizes machine learning to predict vehicle component failures, enabling proactive maintenance and cost reduction. By optimizing vehicle performance and reliability, it enhances efficiency and customer satisfaction in the automotive industry.

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