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CRM for the Automotive Industry

CRM for Marketing

Drive successful outcomes with CRM automation in the automotive industry. Streamline marketing efforts, automate tasks, and deliver personalized experiences that build trust, drive sales, and boost conversions.

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CRM for service

Improve customer satisfaction and drive growth in the automotive service industry with our CRM solution. Centralize customer information, automate tasks like appointment scheduling and service reminders, and integrate with industry-specific tools for efficient operations and exceptional customer experiences.

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CRM for Sales

Stay ahead of the competition with our CRM solution for sales in the automotive industry. Gain real-time access to customer information, automate processes like appointment scheduling and lead tracking, and use data-driven insights to optimize sales processes, improve team performance, and drive business success.

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Industry Accelerator

Drive automotive industry success with our Industry Accelerator solution, powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365. Benefit from the latest CRM technology and our expertise in the Automotive industry. Improve customer satisfaction, streamline operations, and make data-driven decisions with our range of CRM solutions, including online appointment scheduling, work order management, parts inventory management, and customer data management.

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Bussiness Apps

Portals for B2C

Boost automotive sales with our customizable B2C sales portals. Streamline processes, automate tasks, and deliver a personalized customer experience. Centralize interactions and sales data for efficient management. Drive growth, enhance customer satisfaction, and streamline operations in the automotive industry.

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From wish to contract

Optimize your sales with our business applications. Automate tasks, improve data management, and enhance transparency. Streamline quotes, invoices, and decision-making for increased efficiency and customer satisfaction in the automotive industry.

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Fleet Management

Track vehicles in real-time, automate tasks, and ensure compliance with industry regulations. Improve communication, make informed decisions, and achieve efficient fleet operations.

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Some of our solutions include:

  • Product line optimization;
  • Quality control automation;
  • Supply chain management;
  • Predictive maintenance.
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And some of our real-life applications include:

  • Customer-Centric Solutions;
  • Efficient Fleet Management;
  • Enhanced Customer Relationship Management;
  • Streamlined Manufacturing Processes;
  • Simplified Administrative Tasks;
  • Improved Safety and Efficiency;
  • Error Reduction and Timely Processing.
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