Sales customer insights


For the Retail industry, our CRM solutions powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and Salesforce Sales Cloud offer tailored marketing, personalized recommendations, and optimized channel strategies based on comprehensive customer insights.

In Manufacturing, our CRM system tracks orders, delivery, and feedback, ensuring a seamless customer journey. Utilize insights to refine products and services, enhancing customer satisfaction in both Retail and Manufacturing using our CRM solutions.

Supply chain management


In the Retail and Manufacturing sectors, we provide a comprehensive suite of supply chain management tools. These tools cover inventory management, order tracking, logistics, and distribution, and can be customized to seamlessly integrate with other systems like ERP software and e-commerce platforms. With our solutions, you gain the ability to analyze data and track key performance indicators (KPIs) for optimizing supply chain operations. By enhancing efficiency, reducing waste, and cutting costs, you can boost profitability, while also elevating customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Business Accelerator


Simplify your CRM processes with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Accelerator. In retail, gain real-time customer insights for targeted marketing, increased sales, and loyalty. In manufacturing, streamline supply chains, enhance communication, and reduce costs for improved customer satisfaction and competitiveness.

Some of the automation for the Retail and Manufacturing sector include:

Quality Assurance Solutions

Our QA solutions are tailored for retail and manufacturing, providing streamlined processes and real-time monitoring.These solutions elevate quality standards, ensuring efficiency and customer satisfaction.
Our customizable QA solutions optimize your operations and maintain a competitive edge in retail and manufacturing.

Sales portals

In the competitive world of retail and manufacturing sales, our Sales Portal is your essential toolkit, offering easy access to product catalogs, pricing, and promotions to empower you with timely information for success. Using this solution, you can efficiently manage customer accounts, track orders, and monitor deliveries, all from one central hub, allowing you to make data-driven decisions and optimize your product offerings.

Sales Assistants

Our AI and machine learning-based sales assistant is your virtual ally in retail and manufacturing, providing real-time support, suggesting products and guiding you through the sales process, making your decisions more informed and efficient. You can instantly access vital product details, pricing and promotions with our sales assistant, enabling quick responses to customer queries and orders, allowing you to invest more time in cultivating customer relationships.

Assembly line assistants

This assistant ensures precise component assembly, adherence to quality standards, and offers real-time progress updates for quick issue resolution, all while providing valuable insights to optimize processes, identify bottlenecks, and enhance workplace safety.
It uses advanced technologies, such as machine learning, to minimise errors and delays, leading to higher quality products and satisfied customers.

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