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Our CRM solutions provide legal professionals and law firms with effective tools for client management, workflow automation, and streamlined case management. Easily track client interactions and crucial case details, ensuring no detail is missed.

Our standout feature is task and workflow automation, allowing legal experts to focus on high-value tasks. Automate deadline reminders, schedule client follow-up, and generate invoices seamlessly.

In addition, our CRM solutions provide robust reporting and analytics, delivering valuable information for making informed decisions, optimizing resource allocation, and improving overall legal practice efficiency.


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Legal documents platforms



Our legal document platforms simplify the creation, management, and secure storage of legal documents, reducing your investment in resources and time. They promote collaboration, integrate with business applications and support remote working, while increasing efficiency and cost-effectiveness for legal professionals.

Some of the automation for the Legal sector include:

Document understanding and classification

Our AI-based automation solutions streamline legal document management by automatically classifying and extracting information. This speeds up access to accurate data, improves efficiency and ensures regulatory compliance. Our automations include automated document classification, contract analysis, document summarization, predictive coding and duplicate document detection, tailored to your specific needs.

Document creation with dynamic content

Our document creation software with dynamic content simplifies and accelerates the creation of precise legal documents. By automating data entry through pre-populated fields and templates, we save you time while ensuring accuracy and consistency. Our solution seamlessly integrates with document understanding and classification tools, providing a comprehensive automation suite to streamline legal processes and boost efficiency.

Digital archiving

With automated digital archiving, we enable you to digitise your entire archive of legal documents, ensuring convenient access from anywhere, anytime. Our platform uses advanced machine learning and natural language processing to classify, index and tag documents, simplifying retrieval and ensuring data security in secure cloud storage. Key features include advanced categorization, secure storage, seamless integration with other document management tools, and easy remote access.

Document validation

Our customized validation solutions streamline the verification of essential legal documents such as contracts and certificates. Using cutting-edge technology, we compare information in documents with trusted sources to identify discrepancies and errors. Key features include accuracy verification, secure validation with encryption, automation to save time and reduce errors, and seamless integration with document management tools. Our solution also includes robust exception handling, ensuring accurate and reliable validation.

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