Leave a trail of happy customers

Enjoy seamless user experience that is guaranteed to sustain buyer attention. Gain unified view of CRM journey! Integrate systems, sharing data across apps to keep support team in the loop of sales activities for speedy problem resolution. Gain unified view of CRM journey and achieve collaboration of entire support team using the Slack interface.

Rely on Process Builder interface to create the perfect workflows. Automate routine tasks and streamline service team processes using AI enabled systems. Reduce call times significantly to achieve team satisfaction and boost efficiency. Customize Service Cloud to keep track of business processes and individual customer support.

Roll-out the red carpets!

Provide top-notch customer support across Omni-channels using automated service processing, while initiating and strengthening customer engagement using simplified tools.


Enjoy first class customer service with the Salesforce Case Swarming Model, a customer service approach that gives access to a pool of Salesforce experts to accelerate resolution. Avail yourself to a collaboration of the best minds at your service. Place customer at the Centre of attention…as it should be! Be positioned to give maximum satisfaction and earn customer loyalty in one fell swoop!


Enjoy Slack as the ideal collaboration tool that is effortlessly integrated with the Service Cloud, allowing for easy access to case histories and their attendant interactions. Slack provides feedback in real-time for the Salesforce Support Team, significantly reducing time gaps and delays. Monitor and analyze Swarm progress with Tableau dashboards and generate brilliant insights.

Be one click away!

Make your business accessible and eliminate communication hurdles. Bring the marketplace to them, by engaging customers on all channels.

Stay Connected Always!

Provide real time interaction by using Live Chat Software to engage online prospects. Utilize intelligent chatbots to manage repetitive requests, make customer service smarter and more productive.

Enjoy seamless Integration of social customer service to CRM to gain a holistic picture of customer and respond accordingly to concerns. Activate rapid response! Use Salesforce Case Management to listen and respond to every customer interaction on social channels, in real time.

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