It is no secret that Salesforce is constantly backing up its efforts for sustainability as part of their CSR strategy.  From Net Zero (Race for Zero Emissions) to co-founding (the global movement to conserve, restore and grow 1 trillion trees by 2030) or $495 million in grants to charitable organizations, there has been a plethora of initiatives that encompasses the company`s interest in sparkling change.


But lately, there has been a significant shift that intensifies integration of ethical values into the core business of the company. Starting September 2021, when Sustainability Cloud 2.0 was unveiled and following February 2022, when #TeamEarth campaign has started, Salesforce has taken the idea of business as a platform for change to a new level.


#TeamEarth campaign is their newest global campaign whose stated aim is to inspire businesses and individuals to” help build a more fair, equal and sustainable future”. It debuts with ways for anyone to engage in “The New Frontier”, considered to be not somewhere in outer space, but our own beloved Earth that is in dire need of our attention and care.


The campaign features a website with opportunities to participate in the #TeamEarth community, including creating a climate action plan, learning about unconscious bias, and building ethical, accessible and inclusive products. Its eye-catcher, nevertheless, is a dazzling TV spot.


The call-to-action commercial, co-created by McConaughey, originally aired during the Winter Olympics and then again during the Super Bowl. The New Frontier,” the 60-second spot is starring the Academy Award-winning actor as he issues an important rallying cry while donning an astronaut spacesuit. At the end of the ad, McConaughey says, “So while the others look to the metaverse and Mars, let’s stay here and restore ours. Yeah, it’s time to blaze our trail because the new frontier, it ain’t rocket science; it’s right here.”


On several occasions, the Oscar winner said that he wasn’t against pioneering space, but that it is not the time to quit on Earth. The answer is not to leave Earth but rather to try and fix our planet. If we don’t do that and just pack up and go, we will have the same problems. McConaughey advocates using technology to restore the resources we need on Earth.


“#TeamEarth is a rallying cry we hope will inspire people and companies to use their platforms for change,” said Sarah Franklin, President and Chief Marketing Officer, Salesforce.

According to the brand, #TeamEarth is an extension of Salesforce’s continued commitment to sustainability and equity. Through a list of key initiatives that includes a $100 million commitment to accelerate ecosystem restoration and climate justice and free or discounted technology to more than 54,000 nonprofits, education institutions and philanthropic organizations, Salesforce hopes to provide a viable model of substantial philanthropic efforts for its stakeholders.


As for companies that use and partner up with SalesForce, just think that sustainability is essential to becoming a trusted enterprise. Customers want to do business with companies that are fully committed to climate action. In fact, 58% of people are willing to spend more with businesses that fight climate change.

How about you join us and see for yourself how you can be part, together with SalesForce, of this movement?