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Keep customer as king, by crafting enriching customer experiences using data-driven marketing.

BeeDigital will guide you to gain customer clarity and understand buyer persona. By identifying individual customer needs and devising relevant content, your business is bound to keep sales on a constant rise and beyond expectation.

Designed for all business types

Whether a B2B or B2C company, large scale or small scale, you can strategize effectively using Salesforce Marketing Cloud to obtain insights and generate and track leads to automatically achieve rapid conversion. The key is to forge automated and intimate customer relationships, using an AI-powered approach for smart engagement with clear visualization across channels while earning customer loyalty.

Connected for continuity

Customer connection is fuel for every CRM journey. Stay connected and in tune by listening and analyzing using Microsoft Power BI or Salesforce Analytics to give personalized top-notch experiences. Review marketing actions, gauge its impact, and generate accurate statistics. With this, you have a clear roadmap for achieving your marketing goals.

Bridge the gap between marketing and sales!

Use automated processes to integrate and share data across apps to get a 360o view of your customer via in-built customer connectors, while creating steady and accurate marketing outcomes. This system of data-sharing allows you to control the flow of communication and funnel it through one single source, with no disparity.

Always a step ahead!

Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Salesforce AI functionality to identify customer patterns and anticipate customer needs, your business can generate engagement at the right moment, through the right channels, and in real-time.

You can also identify and follow-up on new prospects to create unique customer experiences through multi-channels including emails, SMS, push notifications, social media and ads.

Worried about losing your honey or your hive? Create targeted campaigns to both existing and potential buyers, boost engagement and watch them transition from leads to sales. It gets even better: You can also track website visitors to determine campaign reach, all geared to increase sales and record rapid exponential growth.

Review marketing actions, measure the impact and generate accurate statistics. With this, you have a clear roadmap for your marketing goals.

Direct decisions!

Data is the core of CRM, as data delivers deals. Put your data to work! Filter through data to determine customer preferences and identify your target audience. The result is increased customer satisfaction and an ROI that is beyond impressive.

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