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When data leads, we close deals!

  • Make informed decisions based on data to improve business profitability;
  • Utilize Microsoft Power BI or Salesforce AI-Powered Analytics for high-impact sales analysis;
  • Gain holistic insights to devise innovative strategies and optimize sales performance.


Unleash the Power of Tableau for Data Visualization!


  • Leverage Salesforce’s Tableau platform to generate interactive visual representations of business performance and market trends;
  • Connect Tableau with CRM data for unprecedented business insights and accurate financial forecasting;
  • Access and manipulate dashboards on any device for real-time monitoring and analysis.


Seamless CRM Adaptability and Customer-Centric Approach!

  • Ensure smooth technological integration for automatic analysis and insights at every stage of the sales process;
  • Track individual buyer patterns from CRM inception to effectively manage the customer lifecycle;
  • Measure campaign performance, identify weaknesses, and extract valuable business intelligence across industries.


Drive Efficiency with AI-Enabled Simplified Processes!



  • Maximize the simplified AI capabilities of Tableau with a «clicks, not code» approach for time and cost savings;
  • Achieve complex tasks without coding using Tableau’s stack of Analytics and AI functions;
  • Emphasize proactive data analysis, visualization, and forecasting for better decision-making and execution.

Optimize Sales Performance and Operational Efficiencies!

  • Visualize CRM activities through dashboards to track progress towards revenue goals;
  • Monitor customer interactions, follow up on leads, and convert them into sales;
  • Streamline team performance and accelerate sales results with clear operational efficiencies.

Be Proactive, not reactive!

Analyze data to gain new insights, avoid gaps and generate accurate forecasts.

Visualize performance on dashboards to gain up-to-the-minute insight into CRM activities and help you reach your revenue goals. Monitor lead interaction and follow-up. Identify and track leads and quickly convert them into sales.

Create clear operational efficiencies to keep team performance at peak levels and accelerate your sales results. Take full advantage of Salesforce Sandboxes, a testing ground that allows your sales team to test new ideas to determine product effectiveness before launching a production CRM. The testing options are limitless, from development testing to integration, workflow changes to new customizations-all geared toward ensuring that CRM production is not compromised.

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